AssetWorld Agenda – The Asset Czar’s Toolkit2019-02-22T16:49:25-04:00

The Asset Czar’s Toolkit

Presented by Justin Husted

Session Description

This session will demonstrate how AiM, AssetSync and Go Asset Management work together to form the ideal Asset Czar toolkit.

Learning Outcomes

  • AiM – Desktop application that shows detailed information about your organization’s assets.
  • Go – Mobile Application that empowers your technicians in the field.
  • AssetSync – Powerful import tool for loading and bulk updating your asset data.

Presenter Information

Justin Husted is a Project Manager on Assetworks’ Professional Services team, specializing in O&M and CPPM projects. He has experience in the Healthcare, Education and Business Intelligence sectors. Justin is a travel junkie, when he’s not on the road for Assetworks, he’s typically on the road cycling. His longest ride to date has been a month-long trip spanning over 1300 miles.