AssetWorld Agenda – AiM Go! Implementation2019-02-22T15:26:55-04:00

AiM Go! Implementation

Virginia Commonwealth University
Presented by Algappan Subramanian

Session Description

VCU embarked on implementing AiM Go! in Fall 2017. It was revolutionary for VCU in terms of how we communicate and manage customer expectations. We had issued over 150 iPhones, changed multiple workflows and performed a tremendous amount of training and re-training. We learned a lot in the process.

The end results have been that documentation and notes have vastly improved, work status is changed more timely and customer satisfaction has improved greatly. We had to course correct at times for both political reasons as well as due to resource and process constraints. The idea is to present what we have learned to the AssetWorks community.

Learning Objectives

1) How to make AiM Go! work for you, that is, learn about the benefits.
2) What approaches to take in the implementation process, what we had learned from other institutions, and the pitfalls faced, which all went into making the implementation at VCU go smoother.
3) The importance of training and top down management.

Presenter Information

Al is the Assistant Director of Finance for Facilities Management and I manage the business processes and reporting needs of the department in liaison with our IT team. I have been at this position for more than two years and we are now embarking on implementing the inventory module. Prior to VCU, I was the Interim Director at VCU Parking & Transportation. I have worked in state government, the private sector and in the military from operations and service management to systems and finance operations.