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Efficient, accurate mobile inventory software.

Physical inventory can be a daunting task, yet they are vital for financial accountability and compliance requirements. Mobile inventory software is designed to make annual inventories faster and easier, but selecting one built specifically for fixed assets is key. Scan & Validate™ offers cloud-based mobile inventory software with barcode and RFID asset tracking capabilities. Our desktop and mobile apps automate the inventory process. Scan & Validate™ makes scanning, tracking, and reporting fixed assets easy. Let Scan & Validate™ help you automate your annual inventories. With Scan & Validate™ you can be confident in the accuracy of your data. Because when your auditor is happy, everyone’s happy.

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Save Time & Energy

Streamline and automate the physical inventory process.

Scan, edit, sync, and run missing asset reports on a mobile scanner, in the field.

Simplify Reconciliation

Reconciliation made quick and convenient.

Work onsite with a visual comparison of collected and original asset data based on tag number, serial number, or asset ID.

Trust Your Data

Ensure your inventory data is always current.

Back up data as you scan. Scan online or offline, and data will auto-sync every 30 seconds when you enter WiFi.

Improve Data Accuracy & Compliance

Keep your data secure and accurate.

Scan & Validate ensures security with validation rules, approval processes, tiered user access, and automation of input at all stages.

Learn & Train in Record Time

Scan & Validate is easy to use and easy to train.

Fly through your workflow with a user-friendly interface, intuitive step-by-step processes, and a modern feel.

View Data in New & Dynamic Ways

Pull ad hoc reports with the click of a button.

Choose any data field to examine and filter any of the details you need, whenever you need them.


We know you have many choices for mobile inventory software. That’s why our system features universal integration.

Unlike other mobile inventory software, Scan & Validate™ exports and imports data directly from your current asset management system, whether that’s an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) database, a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet, or another AssetWorks Fixed Asset solution. With Scan & Validate’s unique universal integration capabilities, you can add barcode and RFID tracking to your current asset management process without disrupting your workflow.

Scan & Validate™ Innovative Features


With Scan & Validate™, you can:

  • View your fixed asset inventory any time

  • Add new assets on the fly

  • Works with barcodes and passive RFID technology

  • Auto-sync assets straight from the scanner to the database, as you scan

  • Transfer assets from one location to another

  • Track chain-of-custody of assets

  • Reconcile assets while in the field

  • Conduct a re-inventory using filters to narrow data

  • Report in real-time

  • Choose between Android and iOS for the mobile scanning app


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