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Fixed assets represent a huge investment, and as a Property Manager, it’s your responsibility to manage them throughout their lifecycle. That’s no easy task.

Our solutions can help you:

  • Gain Confidence in Data Quality – Leverage the expertise of physical inventory valuation experts to update and improve the quality of your legacy data and implement a robust technology solution to effectively manage assets well into the future.
  • Introduce New Levels of Efficiency – Streamline and automate all aspects of the asset management and physical inventory process. Scan barcodes, edit data, and run missing item reports on a scanner while in the field.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance – Whether it’s GASB, GAAP, OMB, or for grant-funded assets, compliance is critical. Run compliant asset reports and create custom reports as needed to help ensure higher levels of regulatory compliance.

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Fixed assets represent a significant investment of company resources.
We understand their value which is why we offer the most comprehensive solution available for
collecting, managing, and reporting on fixed assets across their lifecycle.

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