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Helping School Districts Achieve Regulatory Compliance while Providing Students and Teachers the Resources they Need

Our solutions can help you:

  • Improve data quality by leveraging onsite inventory/reinventory services to establish accurate capital asset records including useful life, depreciation, and up-to-date asset valuations.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (e.g. GASB 34/35, GAAP). Compliant reports for property accounting and tracking can be created to meet the needs of your school district and its auditors.
  • Introduce new levels of efficiency to your district with highly secure, web-based software solutions for asset and inventory management. Automate the asset management process from acquisition through disposal and report on all assets in real-time.

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Integrated solutions from AssetWorks enable school districts of all sizes to ensure compliance and achieve substantial economic benefit by effectively managing assets across their lifecycle.

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