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Establish Accurate Capital Asset Records

Whether it be for accounting compliance, loss control, or proper stewardship of assets, tracking and accounting for fixed assets can be a challenge. AssetWorks has unparalleled capabilities and expertise to support entities in meeting the financial reporting requirements of GASB, OMB, GAAP, State standards, and external auditors. By inventorying capital assets and tagging equipment with barcodes, AssetWorks implements fixed asset systems to maintain proper stewardship of assets now and into the future.

Learn more about GASB 34

From depreciation to disposals, this quick guide is intended to serve as an introduction to the financial reporting requirements of GASB 34.

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Barcode Tags and RFID:

Working together to improve the way you conduct inventory
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Asset Inventory & Valuation Services

The need to maintain and account for fixed assets has never been more important. From inventory assets to infrastructure, our capital asset inventory and related services include:

  • Physical Inventory Services

  • Property Control & Management
  • Grant Funded Asset Management
  • Asset Valuations
  • Compliant Reporting (GASB 34/35)
  • Reinventory & Reconciliation
  • Annual Updating of Values

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