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An Asset Management Software Solution

Built to Meet your Unique Needs

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records has never been more important. Government regulation (e.g. GASB 34, OMB A-133) and an overall push towards greater fiscal transparency for organizations necessitates that assets above a certain capitalization threshold be tracking from acquisition through disposal.

Built to a best practices standard, Asset Management Software (AMS) from AssetWorks is a configurable, scalable solution that can be used to supplement an existing system or as a comprehensive, integrated solution for tracking fixed assets throughout their lifecycle.

A Comprehensive Asset Management Solution for Tracking Assets

from Acquisition through Disposal

Maximize efficiency and maintain accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records with AssetMAXX Asset Management Software


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Learn more about GASB 34

From depreciation to disposals, this quick guide is intended to serve as an introduction to the financial reporting requirements of GASB 34.

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“You can’t put a dollar value on the time we save and the information we have access to.”
-Susie Barthel, Louisiana Property Assistance Agency

Read The Case Study

Asset Management Software

Whether you are in need of a new stand-alone system or a user-friendly alternative to integrate with your current solution, an asset management software solution from AssetWorks can meet your needs.

  • Automated Transfer Management
  • Change Request Management
  • Multiple Methods of Depreciation
  • Asset Maintenance and Calibration
  • Mobile Inventory Solutions
  • Dynamic Reporting Tool

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