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Maintain Proper Stewardship of Assets and Ensure Regulatory Compliance Across the Fixed Asset Lifecycle

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Maintaining accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records has never been more important.

From physical inventories to software solutions for asset and inventory management, AssetWorks can help.
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Our Solutions

From property control to accounting compliancy, the need to maintain and account for fixed assets has never been more important. By inventorying capital assets and tagging equipment, AssetWorks implements fixed asset systems to maintain proper stewardship of assets. Our capital asset inventory and related services include:

  • Physical inventories
  • Asset valuations
  • Compliant reporting (e.g. GASB 34/35)
  • Reinventory & reconciliation
  • Annual updating of values
Whether you are in need of a new stand-alone system or a user-friendly alternative to your current solution, an Asset Management Software Solution from AssetWorks can meet your tracking, accounting, and reporting needs:

  • Automated transfer management
  • Change request management
  • Multiple methods of depreciation
  • Asset maintenance & calibration
  • Mobile inventory capabilities
  • Dynamic reporting tool
With easy-to-use functionality to support pre-election, Election Day, and post-election processes, the AMP Election Asset Management module from AssetWorks offers the data tracking, reporting, transparency, and real-time updates you need. AMP can help you ensure the integrity of the election process by tracking:

  • Asset inventory, transfer, delivery, and repair (chain-of-custody)
  • Asset maintenance, calibration, & repair
  • Testing, verification & seal information
  • Election event information
Many processes must come together to successfully complete a physical inventory. With a mobile inventory solution you can:

  • Download and view your fixed asset inventory
  • Add new assets on the fly
  • Transfer assets from one location to another
  • Reconcile assets while in the field
  • Conduct a reinventory using filters to narrow data
  • Report in real-time
Whether you are tracking one facility or multiple distribution centers, AssetWorks’ Surplus Management Software (SMS) is a scalable solution that is designed to help you automate and streamline processes, making it easier to acheive both environmental and fiscal sustainablity goals. SMS includes modules for:

  • Transfers, receiving, & warehouse management
  • Redistribution, sale, & disposal
  • Federal surplus (SASP) asset management
  • Reporting & accounting
  • Mobile data collection

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For any organization, managing assets from acquisition through disposal can be a challenge. With inventory services and fixed asset software solutions from AssetWorks, organizations across the country have been able to operate more efficiently, effectively, and profitably while providing the highest levels of transparency and accountability.

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