Are You Pushing Papers or Leaving a Legacy?

Meet a woman whose dedication and service are creating a powerful legacy – one that will last far beyond her career.

Universities are only as successful as those who shape their environment. From the facilities team to the professors, all campus staff play a vital role in crafting the student experience.

One woman who is integral in crafting outstanding experiences will wrap up her career in a few months, and it’s time we recognize this outstanding woman.

Twenty-six years ago, Kathy Boice joined the facilities team at Clemson University as a contract administrator – setting up projects and managing contracts.

Over a quarter of a century later, Kathy holds an indispensable role on the Clemson facilities team as a Capital Project Administrative Manager.

Throughout her years at Clemson, Kathy relentlessly gathered the information necessary to assemble capital projects and ensure they could be properly carried out. With acute attention to detail, Kathy ensured successful projects during her time at Clemson.

Driven by a passion for working with people, Kathy manages her work with a team of 10 project managers and loves working with the varied personalities on her team to make outstanding facilities a reality for the students of Clemson University.

Not one to shrink from a challenge, even management upheaval and ever-changing regulations are no match for Kathy. At every turn, she mastered the new processes required by the changes. When new systems were put in place, Kathy worked to optimize the systems and create outstanding experiences for students and staff alike. To her, the changes were not cause for discouragement. As she pointed out: “you always adapt.”

It’s safe to say Kathy has not only adapted, but excelled in her role.

One of Kathy’s proudest moments came with the completion of the Hendrix Student Center – a multi-use facility housing retail, food, student event and office space. The beautiful center is a space for students to study, dine, and even relax, and is the location for thousands of student memories.

Ultimately, Kathy’s passion for helping the students of Clemson succeed has resulted in facilities that will leave a legacy for generations to come.

When asked to provide advice for other facility managers, Kathy pointed to remembering the bigger picture of why the job is vital. “Learn the reason you’re there. It’s not just papers and activities. You’re there for the students – everything you do touches the students in some way. The buildings will be there for years to come.”

Kathy embodies the mantra: “There’s no limit to what can be done when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit” as she provides the unseen hands that craft excellent student experiences on campus.

Congratulations to Kathy for her 26 years of excellent service to Clemson University, and best of luck on your retirement!