The 6 People You Become After Improving Maintenance Processes with GPS

GPS technology can be a real life saver in the asset management industry. With GPS, you can track your assets and vehicles in real-time, which helps you stay in control. But did you know that GPS technology can also help you with your maintenance processes?

It’s true.

When you learn how to harness the power of your GPS technology to help with maintenance processes, you take on new personalities, like:

A Private Eye

Private investigators are known for their sneaky ways of gathering information. When your organization invests in GPS technology, you can begin your investigations too. The first thing you should look into is driver behavior.

Proactively managing poor driver behaviors increases vehicle life spans because idling, speeding and hard braking all contribute to increased wear and tear. By managing poor driver behaviors, fuel savings are also realized and the chances of costly accidents are reduced.

A Sheriff 

A sheriff works hard to ensure that his or her town is safe. Similarly, you need to monitor your vehicles so your employees stay safe. As the sheriff of your organization, make sure to use GPS technology to monitor engine diagnostics.

Make sure to monitor engine diagnostic alerts to determine when a vehicle needs immediate service to address minor problems before they become major ones. By using this method, overtime and downtime costs due to unexpected breakdowns can be reduced too.

A Superhero 

Superheroes exist to save their communities, whether it be from an evil villain or a giant monster. Who or what needs saving in your community?

The environment has become one of the world’s top issues, with the transportation industry working hard to reduce vehicle emissions. By using your GPS technology to reduce vehicle emissions, you can become the superhero your organization desperately needs.

High emission levels often signal problems with a vehicle’s engine and diagnostic monitoring of emissions allows early identification of problems, leading to reduced wear and tear and the prevention of costly, complex repairs.

An Explorer 

GPS technology allows you to see places you’ve never seen before, without even looking up from your smartphone! But GPS can do more than simply look at roads– it can help plan the most efficient routes possible for your organization’s vehicles.

Vehicle tracking allows for better routing processes to be developed so the closest vehicle can be sent to a job. After hours vehicle usage and unauthorized trips can also be monitored, which leads to less wear and tear and extends vehicle lifespans.

An Accountant 

Of course, everyone wants to save as much money as possible. This can be an uphill battle, since there are so many factors that go into running a successful organization; however, with GPS technology you can learn how to allocate replacement dollars wisely.

Use your GPS to pinpoint vehicles that cost more to maintain than they’re worth and proactively target inefficient vehicles for replacement or reassignment to a shorter route. This improves disposal timing and saves maintenance costs on poorly performing vehicles.

An Out-Of-This-World Scheduler 

Scheduling is vital to any organization in today’s industry, and GPS technology can help streamline the way you handle your scheduling processes

Smart scheduling allows the performance of routine maintenance based on vehicle usage, rather than just time intervals.

Allows the performance of routine maintenance based on vehicle usage rather than time intervals. Using accurate odometer readings and diagnostic data prevents parts and labor costs associated with over or under maintaining vehicles.

Learning how to improve maintenance processes with GPS technology can transform both your organization and your job title (kind of!). With AssetWorks’ GPS solution, powered by Verizon Networkfleet, you can answer the three most vital questions: Where are my vehicles? What are my vehicles doing? How is what they’re doing out there affecting my organization in here?

To learn more about how a GPS solution can change for maintenance processes for the better, click here.


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