4 Simple Ways to Ease Winter Parking Management Woes

Winters are brutal for parking professionals. The final months of the year usher in a season of snow and ice. With the change in weather conditions come a multitude of parking management headaches.

Inclimate weather conditions are unkind to parking lots. Snow, ice, plows, and deicing compounds all take a heavy toll on lot surfaces.

By preparing your parking lot, you’ll eliminate common winter woes at your campus.

1. Clean and repair the lot

Patching asphalt before the onset of winter weather prevents cracks and potholes from growing. Frozen water expands in these areas and causes cracks to grow. This leaves you with a pothole filled mess come spring.

Clean lots are especially critical during winter months. A small crack caused by debris or a chemical spill can lead to significant surface damage. If water enters the crack and freezes, it will expand and compound the damage to the lot.

Removing litter prevents damage caused by vehicles grinding debris into the lot. Cleaning chemical spills (i.e. leaked coolant) prevents the chemicals from eating away at the asphalt while it’s buried under a layer of snow.

2. Use proper ice melt for your surface

No one debates the importance of ice melt for combatting slippery driving surfaces. The use of ice melt decreases the chances of an accident by 88%.

Using the incorrect ice melt for your lot can result in surface damage. With each application, some brine seeps into your lot surface. The mixture of brine and melted snow can infiltrate cracks in your lot. If the mixture refreezes, it will expand and enlarge the cracks in your lot’s surface. This creates greater damage to your lot – and a host of pricey repairs in the spring.

Check to be sure you’re using the correct melt before you de-ice your surfaces. Need a hand? Here’s a quick guide for selecting deicers.

3. Equip your team

If you wait for the arrival of hazardous weather to equip your team with winter-friendly gear, you’re too late. To respond to inclement weather your team should be ready ahead of time.

Provide proper winter gear in place for your team. The list goes beyond gloves, hats, vests. Equip your enforcement officers with equipment that can withstand the cold conditions. Provide rugged electronic gear such as printers. Gear should operate in cold temperatures, withstand drops, and offer a design that allows enforcement officers to use the device while wearing gloves.

By properly outfitting your team, you’ll ensure they can keep your lots running smoothly – throughout all seasons.

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