4 Foolproof Tips for Utilizing Test Environments

So you’ve decided to upgrade your company’s software. These upgrades can greatly improve your staff’s experiences within the system, but the transition between the old software and the new can be a challenge. That’s where test environments come in.

Testing out your new update within test environments can make this transition as painless as possible for your organization. Check out these 4 foolproof tips for test environments.

  1. Make time for test installations- The installation process for any application and its related products is complex, but performing test installations can provide users with data vital to the final production installation. Test installations can tell you how much time you need to dedicate to installation and what special considerations you need to take into account based on the environment being used (database, database server, application server, web server, etc.).
  2. Accurately measure complex processes– Are you worried that processing in your new system will take up a large chunk of your time? In your test environment, perform some of the more complex system functions, like batch importing/updating or End of Period processing, in order to measure time-to-perform and validate the results of the process put into action.
  3. Give your staff time to adjust- Your employees are going to need time to adjust to the new processes within this system. With test environments, you can give your staff the time they need to practice with the new enhancements and features before the official launch.
  4. Keep an eye out for bugs or other issues- When troubleshooting and debugging various errors and issues in the new application, a test environment can help to:
    • Test for errors
    • Perform the steps necessary to replicate an error or issue without affecting real-time use of the system or creating test work orders, equipment units, etc.
    • Perform fixes and work around suggestions from the technical support team, especially when those repairs require running updates either through the application or the database directly.

With the help of test environments, you can streamline your organization’s upgrading processes and save your staff from countless headaches and frustrations.


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