3 Reasons Your DOT Needs Enterprise Asset Management Software

The goal of any Department of Transportation (DOT) is to serve the public through a safe, efficient, and fast transportation system. With approximately 4.12 million miles of roads across the United States, DOTs around the country have a lot of complex tasks to handle every day. With a comprehensive enterprise asset management software system, your DOT can maintain the safety of assets and roadways more efficiently.

Here are the top three reasons why your DOT should invest in a comprehensive asset management solution:

1. Stay in control of inspections and repairs

Staying in control of inspections and repairs helps DOTs achieve their main goal: keeping roads and highways safe for the public. With enterprise asset management software, you can streamline operations, mobile your workforce, integrate your data with other enterprise systems, and more.

2. Regulate fueling

Is your current fueling process effective? Are you sure? With a comprehensive asset management software solution, you can manage your DOT’s fueling all in one, easy system. Not only can you reduce fraud and abuse, but you can also lower fueling costs and improve your environmental impact.

3. Increase productivity

By tracking your work crews or mobile workers in real-time, you can increase both productivity and accountability for work. When your asset management system comes with GPS tracking, you can measure your organization’s success through telematics data

At AssetWorks, we understand the challenges and concerns of DOT. That’s why we built our comprehensive enterprise asset management software system, or EAM, to help DOTs across the country achieve their goals. With EAM, your organization can improve regulatory compliance, keep track of asset conditions, and maintain and improve infrastructure at the correct time.

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