Location Isn’t Everything: 5 Keys to Running a Successful Off-Campus Surplus Operation

Location is an essential factor for most businesses. University surplus managers running off-campus warehouses can vouch for that. An off-campus location challenges managers to develop effective strategies to transport surplus assets, get student workers to [...]

Surplus Management Resources: Conferences, Websites, and Social Media to Check Out in 2017

Whether working in the government or higher education sector, surplus property managers have a lot to think about. Government regulation, organizational requirements, diverting waste from landfills, and deciding on the right auction site are just [...]

Surplus Managers Opt to Stay Local

University surplus managers aren’t going out of their way to move products internationally More U.S. companies – large and small – are turning their focus to overseas sales as American brands continue to find success [...]

Scare Up Some Halloween Shoppers

Hook Upcyclers in the Spirit of the Season to Drive Traffic to your Warehouse Love it or hate it, Halloween is a time when revelers cut loose in decorating their houses and dressing up in [...]

The Perfect Match: Finding the Right Vendors for Your Surplus Operation

Everybody’s been there. There’s some work that needs to be done on your car, and the goal is to find a skilled mechanic who doesn’t specialize in price gouging. If you want to escape the [...]

7 Ways Colleges and Universities are Promoting Surplus On Campus and Around Town

Promoting surplus operations, events, and assets can make all the difference in both getting surplus assets to your warehouse as well as moving items off of your shelves. Getting the word out on campus and [...]

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