Fleet Consulting Practice

Government agencies commit millions of dollars in expenditures each year to acquire and maintain fleet and vehicle and equipment to deliver public services, such as student transportation, trash collection, snow removal, and public safety. Management of this investment to provide a vehicle fleet that is safe, reliable and economical is a demanding task that requires a range of managerial and technical capabilities.

AssetWorks offers a combination of real-world experience and analytical capabilities that is unmatched by any other consulting firm. Our consulting team includes individuals who have managed fleets of as many as 23,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment, as well as individuals with expertise in such disciplines as logistics, finance, engineering, planning, management, and public administration. We combine sophisticated analysis skills and tools with the practical knowledge and experience that comes from having managed fleets day in and day out to effectively evaluate and improve your fleet operation.

Our fleet management services include program evaluation, strategic planning, re-engineering, benchmarking, activity-based costing, managed competition/outsourcing, contractor performance evaluation, MIS acquisition and implementation, charge-back system design, fleet replacement planning and financing, facility master planning and design, safety and environmental audits, and management training.

Our services help fleet management organizations meet demands from customers, taxpayers, shareholders, elected officials, regulators, management, and employees. Whether it's demonstrating your competitiveness with contractors or vendors, controlling fleet size, adapting to new technology, comparing yourself against peers and industry benchmarks, complying with the latest environmental regulations, or attracting and retaining quality employees, the challenges of fleet management today are truly enormous. Our goal is to help our clients master these challenges.

We do more than just provide technical guidance to our clients; we build relationships based on trust and respect. This ensures that our services reflect the unique capabilities and needs of each of our clients. We are driven to achieve real cost savings and service improvements for our clients. That is why we are always prepared to help implement the recommendations we make.

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