ASP & Hosting Services

As your organization grows, it faces a number of compelling challenges. To remain competitive and profitable, your organization must reduce management costs while expanding the quantity, range, and quality of services offered. AssetWorks "Application Service Provider" or "ASP" delivery option can help you address these challenges, enabling your organization to focus on its core competencies and avoid significant investments in non-strategic capital assets.

With AssetWorks as your ASP, our entire portfolio of asset management solutions is accessible to your user base via secure Internet connection — you can reach more users quickly and easily. More importantly, an ASP solution is significantly more cost effective, because your organization does not need to purchase dedicated hardware or employ in-house expertise for installation and maintenance. All capital and operating costs are incurred by AssetWorks, because we can host any of our industry-leading asset management solutions from our data centers.

The key advantages of an ASP solution include:

  • Cost-effectively Managing More End Users – Your organization can scale to more users without increasing infrastructure costs, because users can quickly and easily roll-out and upgrade browsers, plug-ins and specialized clients across hundreds — or even thousands — of desktops. More importantly, version checking and version compatibility are no longer problems, since you no longer need to visit each desktop to install the latest version of the enterprise application client.
  • Offering the Full Range of Application Functionality – End users are able to enjoy the full benefits of the application, with no loss of performance.
  • Meeting Guaranteed Service Levels – Minimizing support costs is critical to your organization. By allowing AssetWorks to deliver and administer our applications as an ASP, your organization can implement a fully automated solution, without compromising customer service.