Vehicle Data Collector (VDC)

Today’s vehicles have sophisticated onboard computer systems that constantly measure and monitor all sorts of information, from engine run time to oil temperature. The onboard computers can also detect problems and convey diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) which detail the problem. By automatically communicating this information directly to your fleet management software, you can save time and improve accuracy which can translate into real savings. Furthermore, using Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules based on this precise data can increase vehicle uptime and safety compliance.

The AssetWorks Vehicle Data Collector (VDC) solution can also help your fleet implement condition-based maintenance by monitoring the status of each vehicle. By gathering vehicle condition information directly from your vehicles, fleet managers have the ability to respond immediately to DTCs or engine readings that are out of tolerance. Additionally, automated and continuously updated odometer readings and engine hours can dramatically increase PM compliance.

The AssetWorks Vehicle Data Collector (VDC) is a hardware and software solution that transmits pertinent information from each vehicle’s engine computer directly into the FleetFocus maintenance database. The VDC solution can stand alone, or be enabled with the FuelFocus Automated Fueling System or the AssetWorks Key Valet Motor Pool System. In all cases, all vehicle data is transmitted via tcp/ip to the FleetFocus database each time a vehicle passes within its transmission radius. The information is transmitted without human intervention or action.

How it Works

In order to use the VDC, each vehicle must be equipped with an AssetWorks RF Vehicle Identification Box which ties into the vehicle’s onboard computer and wirelessly transmits information to the VDC. The VDC is a hardware unit that uses a Radio Frequency (RF) antenna to capture this information from all equipped vehicles that pass within 300 feet of the antenna. This data is then sent to the FleetFocus database in real-time over a network connection.

Vehicle Data Collector Diagram


Using the Information

With the addition of the FleetFocus Telematics module (licensed separately), customers can use VDC information to automatically create service requests, send notifications, or entered as a vehicle note for review at the next work order. Together the VDC and Telematics module can help you improve your efficiency and increase your accuracy by automating processes that may have taken time and resources in the past.


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The VDC provides similar benefits to a real-time GPS system without a recurring monthly cost. Additionally, FuelFocus and KeyValet customers can configure existing hardware as VDCs eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware.


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