SMS - Surplus Management Software

SMS - Surplus Management Software

AssetWorks' SMS - Surplus Management Software meets the special needs of surplus property warehousing. Whether you're tracking one small facility or multiple distribution centers, our flexible, scalable solution improves inventory accuracy and minimizes processing times. From the surplus transfer, to online tracking and receiving, through any of the optional disposition methods, our functionality caters to the unique requirements of the Surplus Warehouse.

Through a combination of subject matter expertise, product flexibility, hands-on implementation and continued service, AssetWorks ensures our software solutions meet your unique business needs now, and into the future.

  • Increase accuracy and eliminate lost items, ensure regulatory compliance, minimize delay and discrepancies.
  • Increase productivity by improving scheduling efficiency through the software.
  • Enable informed decisions through integration of all surplus data organized in an easy-to-use system.
  • Boost productivity, maximize customer satisfaction, and increase profits by integrating retail functionality.
  • Save time and money by not handling or storing surplus property and by reutilizing the property.
  • Integrated modules minimize re-entry, provide seamless access to data and maximize transaction efficiency.
  • Transfers - Inbound pick-up and delivery scheduling
  • Auctions - Functionality to conduct and report on traditional onsite auctions
  • Web Storefront - Enables eligible organizations to shop and submit wait list requests online
  • Customizable Business Rules - Incorporate your current processes right into the software
  • Email Notifications - For pick-up requests and approvals
  • Mobile Computing - Our wireless applications automate receiving, put-away, sales and inventory
  • Detailed Account Management - Track certifications, purchase history, suspensions, approved buyers and more
  • Reports - Standard and ad hoc reporting provide critical data in flexible formats
  • Label Printing - Print labels for all equipment as, or before, it arrives
  • Web-Based - Internet-based software is available anywhere with internet access
  • Comprehensive SASP GSA Surplus Module
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AssetWorks' SASP GSA Surplus Management software is fully compatible with SMS - Surplus Management Software.


SMS - Surplus Management Software


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