Scan and Validate - Barcode Inventory

Scan and Validate - Barcode Inventory

Many processes must come together to successfully complete a physical inventory. AssetWorks' Scan & Validate (S&V) is an Internet-based solution that streamlines every aspect of the inventory process. Its comprehensive functionality automates the scanning and reconciliation of assets, and integrates into your existing asset management system.

Scan & Validate is a hosted service that includes free setup and unlimited technical support. With user-friendly configuration utilities, Scan & Validate becomes a customized extension of your asset software. All you need to begin is a file containing the applicable fields for your physical inventory. Even the scanner software is configured with your existing field names, location codes, and all relevant data. The system utilizes hand-held computers (scanners) to scan tags and manage data in the field.

Save Time Doing Inventory. Scan & Validate drastically reduces the cost and duration of inventory by streamlining and automating every aspect of the physical inventory process.

Improves data accuracy by eliminating manual input at all stages.

Minimize the learning curve by using existing field names, location codes and all other relevant data.

Simplify reconciliation with an easy-to-use visual comparison of collected and original data.

Streamlines approval processes by providing the property manager simple tools to approve and modify all records.

ACTS AS AN EXTENSION OF YOUR CURRENT SYSTEM: Automatically configure your department codes, locations and field names into Scan & Validate.

SETUP IS FAST, EASY & FREE: Scan & Validate can be configured in minutes! Built-in utilities facilitate all configuration and required setup.

REAL-TIME REPORTING: Run up-to-date reports while inventory is being taken in the field. Users can also run reports right on the scanners.

ENHANCED ACCURACY: Validation rules ensure data integrity and scanning eliminates manual entry errors.

AUTOMATED PROCESSES: Break asset data into workable groups; Scan, edit and report while in the field; Reconcile to original records online; Managers approve and make changes online; Export utilities update primary asset system with inventory results

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Scan & Validate is fully compatible with AMS - Asset Management Software.

Customers Say...

"We have been using AssetWorks' Scan and Validate software for 7 years; it has expedited our process substantially and resulted in a ton of saved work. AssetWorks has a great support team and they are always willing to work with our specific needs."

John Fanelli, Inventory Control Specialist, University of Connecticut


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