RTLS |  Real-Time Location System

AssetWorks RTLS provides a pragmatic real-time location system (RTLS) that combines the power of key RFID/RTLS location techniques—presence detection, point-to-point locating, chokepoints, zone and trilateration, and parking slot and sequence—into a single locating solution without compromising ROI or adding extra cost.  We use a fluid architecture, comprised of tags, to fit real world situations.  This means no power and no network cables are required at any detection point. AssetWorks RTLS is cost effective, scalable, flexible, and portable.

AssetWorks RTLS Diagram

How it works

AssetWorks RTLS uses tags to locate tags: our patented Tag to Tag™ communication technology. It’s a truly wireless solution providing location accuracy customized to meet your needs, when and where you need it.

With tags talking to tags, the installation time and equipment costs are significantly reduced, resulting in a quicker return on investment. This is one of the ways that AssetWorks RTLS differs from conventional RFID systems which use a large network of readers or Wi-Fi access points to locate tags. Compared to access points or readers, tags are easier to implement and cost much less.

  • Save time by automatically locating assets in your facility and setting up automated actions based on location
  • Improve efficiency by optimizing asset location in preparation for service
  • Increase understanding of actual time spent by integrating location and history into FleetFocus database
  • Increase security by adding tags to equipment that should not leave your facility
  • Accurate: installable in custom configurations and locations based on the varying needs across facilities
  • Pragmatic: reduced installation costs, providing a more rapid ROI
  • Flexible: self-contained and without cabling, pick up and move it as needed
  • Reliable: proven, immune to outside influences, single purposed, co-existing with outside Wi-Fi
  • Scalable: easily add assets or areas as required
  • Integrated: Location data is available in FleetFocus in near real time.
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AssetWorks RTLS relies on our patented Tag to Tag™ communication technology to provide accurate, flexible and cost-effective RFID location services.

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