KeyValet Automated Motor Pool and Car Sharing Solution

KeyValet is a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of running a motor pool including customer reservations, vehicle check-out, billing, and maintenance of vehicles. Motor pools assist fleet managers to reduce fleet size while increasing utilization.

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KeyValet allows fleet managers to deploy an unmanned motor pool in an efficient, secure and cost-effective manner. KeyValet provides an online portal for customers to reserve their vehicles, a secure automated key box with radio frequency connectivity to record trip data, accurate odometer updates, and integrated customer billing.

AssetWorks KeyValet integrates with FleetFocus fleet management software which manages every aspect of the fleet, including motor pools.

Return on Investment

  • Cost savings come from running your motor pool without additional staff
  • Time savings through automated reservations and accurate, integrated odometer readings
  • Greater customer service through 24-7 access to motor pool reservations
  • Accurate reports and billing based on data collected in real-time
  • A single and secure database to handle all motor pool, operator and asset maintenance information

KeyValet Features

  • Secure Automated Key Storage Box at the motor pool location(s)
  • Smart Card technology for ease of use and security
  • 24/7 Online Motor Pool Reservations
  • Automated Availability Management, Confirmation and Customer Notifications
  • Flexible configuration for vehicle assignments
  • Real-time Wireless Odometer Readings and Trip Data Transfer to FleetFocus
  • Integrated Billing
  • Business Intelligence with Reporting and Dashboards
  • Optional GPS Integration

How it Works

  • A motor pool customer uses their fleet’s secure intranet to make their reservation any time, day or night.
  • Once the reservation has been completed, the customer receives an automated email containing a confirmation code which allows them to access the vehicle's key at the motor pool lot. Fleets that use Smart Card technology for their employees can also opt to integrate reservations with the employee's smart card in lieu of using a confirmation code.
  • Using their Smart Card or confirmation code, the customer is able to release the correct key from the secure key box. Only one key for their pool type vehicle can be accessed and customers can configure the system to pre-assign with parameters such as low mileage, high mileage or random.
  • When the key lock box door is closed, the reservation automatically dispatches the vehicle in FleetFocus and the customer trip begins. The customer starts the vehicle and continues their trip.
  • Upon return of the vehicle, the odometer reading is taken wirelessly as the car enters the parking lot.
  • Using their Smart Card, confirmation code or vehicle number to open the key box, the customer returns the keys to the designated position triggering the following events:
    • FleetFocus automatically updates the reservation as 'returned' using the most recent wireless meter reading.
    • A completed reservation with cost summary is sent to the customer via email using FleetFocus Notifications.
    • The vehicle's mileage is updated accurately in real-time in the maintenance system.

Data from KeyValet is integrated with FleetFocus’ Business Intelligence functionality, including detailed reporting with drill-down capabilities, customizable dashboards, trend analysis, and event-driven notifications. An optional GPS integration is also available.

Vehicle Data Collector (VDC)

KeyValet Hardware can be configured as a VDC which can allow you to capture vital engine data and error codes and transmit it directly into the FleetFocus database without a recurring monthly charge. More information.

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Client Spotlight University of Colorado KeyValet Case Study University of Colorado KeyValet Case Study

KeyValet gave us the rare opportunity to improve customer service while simultaneously reducing costs.

Bryan Flansburg, CAFM, Director of Transportation

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