AiM™ Space Planning and Facilities Management

AiM™ Space Planning and Facilities Management

Space and Facilities Management solutions from AssetWorks enable organizations to closely manage the use and performance of facilities and realize several key strategic benefits:

  • Less “churn” and greater cost savings through better space utilization standards
  • Lower organizational space requirements and reduced property expenditures
  • Improved quality assurance management and regulatory compliance
  • Better management reporting vis -à-vis graphical query capabilities
  • Greater collaboration through interdepartmental access to (and use of) common data
  • Fewer man-hours devoted to retrieving information
  • Reduced duplicate/redundant data entry
  • Support for alternative asset-tracking strategies

For many organizations, planning and managing physical workspaces directly affects workplace efficiency.  Facilities organizations can realize dramatic gains in productivity and service levels by reducing “churn” within the organization, properly maintaining the work environment, and efficiently servicing assets.

Integrating space planning and maintenance management is vitally important, because facility managers and space planners must collaborate in order to make informed decisions about future growth and changes within an organization. Work performed by space planners, such as maintaining master CAD drawings and updating space and organization data, needs to be available to maintenance personnel to minimize data entry and avert costly mistakes. Similarly, as maintenance personnel manage serialized assets (equipment and other “tagged” assets) and associated work histories, contracts, materials, and preventative maintenance tasks, the availability of this information to both facility managers and space planners enables the organization to streamline operations and increase productivity.

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