AiM™ Capital Planning and Project Management

AiM™ Capital Planning and Project Management

AssetWorks offers a truly unified Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM) solution that helps organizations increase fiscal controls and improve financial accountability for capital projects, reduce their risk profile through improved regulatory compliance, and streamline capital planning and management processes to reduce CAPEX and improve rates of return from capital investments. Our solution provides robust capabilities that enable building owners to balance capital priorities with fiscal constraints and track projects to the minutest detail.

The increasing complexity of new construction projects and capital improvements to existing facilities has outstripped the management capabilities of paper records, spreadsheets, or even niche software applications. Without visibility into the complete pipeline of capital projects, not to mention the broader scope of operations and maintenance activities, it is virtually impossible to make informed business decisions that serve the best interests of your organization.

The business of managing large, geographically-dispersed facilities now demands a much higher level of cooperation between building owners and facility managers in order to streamline capital and operating expenditures, reduce operational complexity, and manage regulatory and policy-driven risk. Ultimately, success depends on transparency.

Lines of communication between building owners and facility managers are often impeded by any number of artificial barriers—information silos, islands of professional specialization, cultural differences. Disregarding these obstacles can propagate environments where cost overruns, wasted resources, heavy IT burdens, and poor vendor management are commonplace. Tightly aligning capital planning and facilities maintenance helps organizations circumvent these inefficiencies by improving access to shared data, reducing costs, and promoting greater transparency across the organization.

  • As much as $.02 per square foot in annual savings stemming from better capital planning
  • All data is managed in a single database
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) support and COBie2 data format compliant
  • Seamless Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) integration
  • Support for Energy Conservation Measurement and Verification (M&V)
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) aid in decision support
  • Detailed information on appropriations and allocations from multiple funding sources
  • Potential and actual issues—from identification to proposed change order to change order—and associating issues with RFIs and meeting minutes
  • Consultant contracts and contract amendments and tying them to budget components, including invoicing against contracts
  • Construction contract tracking by budget line item
  • Complete visibility to all issues, submittals, RFIs, commission plans, change proposals, change directives, architect’s supplemental instructions, change orders, applications for payment and punch lists
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