Mobile Inventory Solutions

Mobile Inventory Solutions

Fixed Asset Data Collection and On-Site Reconciliation System

With over 20 years of fixed asset data collection and reconciliation experience, AssetWorks has married software functionality with smart hardware technology. Easy data capturing methods and full mobile database capabilities are the cornerstones of our mobile inventory software design. In addition to data reconciliation capabilities, our software also gives users the ability to capture tags via barcode scanner, HF RFID, UHF RFID, as well as manual entry.

With user-friendly configuration utilities, let our inventory software become a customized extension of your asset software. All you need to begin is a file containing the applicable fields for your physical inventory. Even the scanner software is configured with your existing field names, location codes and all relevant data. The system utilizes hand-held computers (scanners) to scan tags and manage data in the field.

  • Save Time Doing Inventory. Our inventory software drastically reduces the cost and duration of inventory by streamlining and automating every aspect of the physical inventory process.
  • Improves data accuracy by eliminating manual input at all stages.
  • Minimize the learning curve by using your existing field names, location codes, and all other relevant data.
  • Simplify reconciliation with an easy-to-use visual comparison of collected and original data.
  • Secure data integrity with validation rules and optional approval routing.
  • Create New Assets – Add new assets on the fly, capturing all relevant data measures.
  • Transfers – Transfer assets from one location to another in one simple step.
  • Re-inventory – Conduct a re-inventory filtered by location or asset custodian.
  • Reconciliation – Reconcile missing assets on-site based on tag number, serial number, or asset ID.
  • Fast Setup – Built-in configuration makes our inventory software an extension of your asset management system.
  • Web-Based – Allows property managers to monitor and manage the inventory process from any web browser.
  • Scanner Applications Provide Immediate Reports – Configurable mobile software allow users to run missing item reports on the scanner while in the field.
  • Interface Utilities – Automate the transfer of completed inventory data to update your main asset management system.
  • Reporting – Allows immediate identification of missing items, items that have changed locations, and more.
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