Efficiently manage people, facilities, space, equipment, and materials

AiM’s operations and maintenance solution cuts through the complexity of the modern workplace. With AiM, your organization can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve asset availability, limit equipment downtime, and reduce facilities maintenance costs enterprise-wide. Operations and maintenance software you can rely on.

Our software can help you:

  • Track and control expenses for planned and unplanned maintenance

  • Automatically and accurately bill customers for work

  • Accurately estimate work

  • Carefully manage vendors and contract workers

  • Easily access information and share it across departments

  • Decrease inventory carrying costs and improve purchasing efficiency

  • Effectively deploy personnel and manage labor hours

  • Reduce equipment downtime and improve asset utilization

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We have inventory down to a science now: we know when materials enter inventory, when they are assigned to a work order, and can determine whether they should be charged back to a department or are overhead.

- Michele Janiel, Budget Manager at Fresno State University
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AssetWorks’ VP of Product Management, James Wolf, returns in this second installment of “James Says” to explain why asset inventory is your biggest asset.

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