Helping government protect and preserve taxpayer funded assets.

Our software can help you:

  • Manage long-range asset management lifecycle capital renewal processes

  • Track and manage the complex “colors of money” fund management for capital projects

  • Oversee the complete facility inventory for both owned and leased space and associated tasks

  • Prioritize capital renewal projects for owned properties as funding becomes available

  • Manage and monitor the utilization of space to drive greater efficiency and reduce costs


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Integrated Workplace Management Systems from AssetWorks represent the next frontier in enabling public sector entities to achieve substantial economic benefit by managing their infrastructure assets—facilities, real estate and assets—in a way that no longer views them in terms of fixed costs. Only AssetWorks has the right combination of domain expertise and tools to help government agencies address the broad range of business challenges they face each day.

Our IWMS features a fully integrated facility and asset management platform.

We manage what you manage: Property, Plant and Equipment.

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