Capital Planning and Project Management Software

Capital Planning and Project Management Software you can count on. AssetWorks provides world-class software solutions for public sector organizations with robust facility portfolios.

As a facilities management professional, we know you face a host of challenges every day. Your to-do list is long and you often face obstacles to complete your tasks. These challenges include:

  • A lack of visibility and reporting across your entire inventory of facilities.
  • A need to streamline facility operations and provide better customer service
  • Shrinking budgets coupled with growing deferred maintenance backlogs
  • Struggles to prioritize capital projects

That’s a daunting list. We’ve designed our Capital Planning and Project Management Software to help facilities professionals like you with these challenges.

AiM from AssetWorks is your intelligent solution to these problems. We strive to provide outstanding solutions for facilities professionals. Our Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) offers space management departments an integrated end-to-end software solution for facility operations. AiM, an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software is designed for facilities professionals like you. We’ve crafted our software to provide extensive Capital Planning and Project Management Software software tools.

You don’t work in a silo, and neither should your Capital Planning and Project Management Software.

Through AiM, your capital planning and project management tools operate under a  unified platform. A comprehensive solution, our IWMS meets all your needs in a single system. We’ve designed our software to support facilities operations from start to finish.

AiM helps facilities and real estate professionals like you address daily challenges on your campus.

We specialize in:

Our unique software offers a complete of vision and federated solution for capital planning and project management software.

Does this sound like the right solution for your department? Read on to learn more about our AiM IWMS software or contact us to discover how we can help your institution

Integrated Workplace Management Solution

AssetWorks provides more than just facility management software solutions. Designed as a comprehensive system, our software is a one stop facilities management tool. Complete IWMS integration is critical for internal information exchange. Our Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) facilitates this exchange with one click.

With this integration, information that was inaccessible information is readily available. Your team can collect this information wherever it’s needed. No longer tied to desks, you can access the data you need in the field, in the office, or in the president’s office.

Are you looking for a facility management software solution? Contact us to discover how we can bring better facilities management tools to your campus.

Content / Document Mangement

Embedded Business Intelligence (AiMIQ)

An End-to-End Solution

Our ReADY, AiM, and FiRE products are designed to meet your facilities management needs from start to finish. ReADY connects your customers to your shop. AiM equips facilities staff to manage campus issues, and FiRE brings mobile solutions to workers in the field.

Why AssetWorks?

A leader in Integrated Workplace Management Software, AssetWorks provides a single, unified platform for all of your facility management needs.

Dedicated to continued innovation, we’re constantly listening to your feedback and ideas for improving our current products. As part of this process, we consistently add state of the art solutions to our product line.

At AssetWorks, we’re more than just a facilities management solution, we’re a family dedicated to the successful management of your campus/community.

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Whether in a meeting or on a job site, with a customer or a project team member, FiRE has helped us out. The questions have always been there, the difference now is we have immediate access to the answers. FiRE CPPM has been a game changer for our entire design and construction team.

-- Mitch Walley, Director of Construction Management, Auburn University
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