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AiM™: Intelligent Workplace Management for Today's Facilities and Real Estate Professionals

C-suite executives and business managers today grapple with an unpredictable infrastructure management ecosystem marked by shrinking capital budgets and growing demand for cost control, greater pressure to privatize or outsource services, a more complex regulatory environment, growing deferred maintenance backlogs, and the ever-present need to improve service levels.

At the same time, the increasing size and complexity of facilities complicates the upkeep of existing infrastructure assets, and rapid technological change is forcing organizations to face additional challenges posed by retrofitting and incorporating new assets into aging infrastructures.

Given this complex business ecosystem, business leaders with a vested interest in maximizing the value of facilities and real estate can no longer afford to rely on a collection of loosely integrated niche solutions to achieve their business goals.  Like the ERP revolution of 25 years ago, today’s business environment demands a federated approach that eliminates islands of information and provides a homogenous infrastructure management platform.

Assetworks offers the intelligent alternative.  Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) from AssetWorks help organizations reduce costs by promoting better oversight and utilization of facilities and real estate, eliminate management redundancies and proactively manage the workplace, ensure regulatory and fiscal compliance by providing auditable data and complete transparency to enterprise assets, and realize their sustainability and business continuity goals.

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Unlike “extensible” solutions, which are nothing more than costly and difficult-to-support development platforms, AssetWorks’ IWMS solution is an organic, purpose-built, commercial-off-the-shelf solution specifically designed to help organizations simultaneously reduce costs and minimize their risk profile.

The rare combination of completeness of vision and a truly federated solution can help your organization overcome tough business challenges, no matter their complexity.  With IWMS solutions from AssetWorks, you benefit from a more collaborative, transparent, agile, and efficient workplace.


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