Utility Software Solutions

Whether it’s a large metropolitan utility authority serving millions, or a small rural utility, AssetWorks provides solutions that help utilities improve their bottom line and ensure regulatory compliance. We offer a comprehensive portfolio that addresses a broad spectrum of business needs, including fleet and fuel management solutions, infrastructure management and valuation, GASB 34/35 compliance, fixed asset accounting, insurance appraisal services, and integrated workplace management systems. Coupled with our industry expertise and skilled teams of consultants, solutions from AssetWorks can help utilities run more efficiently, save money, and pass those savings on to their customers.

We provide solutions for:

Fleet Management Software and Fuel Management Systems

AssetWorks has the right tools to manage all your utility's moving assets, including bucket trucks, mechanics trucks, cranes, pole-setters, cable placers, or anything else in your fleet. Our integrated fleet asset and maintenance management software can improve your fleet's operations and performance by providing better data, in less time, so that you can maximize equipment and asset availability, decrease maintenance and repair costs, and increase vehicle utilization.


From the electrical wires, utility poles and water pipes, to the substations and facilities, AssetWorks provides software and services to address the complex needs of managing Utility infrastructure. Our software and hardware solutions address operational challenges such as inspections, preventive maintenance, incident management and usage monitoring.

Integrated Workplace Management

The global credit crisis has had such an indelible effect on liquidity and free cash flow in the utility industry, that few utilities are investing in acquiring new assets or building new infrastructure to accommodate growing demand.  Couple this with increasing pressure to conform to increasing regulatory oversight and global carbon footprint standards, and utilities are faced with finding better ways to manage and maintain aging mission-critical assets and infrastructure in order to meet the needs of their customers.

Whether it’s a large metropolitan utility authority serving millions, or a small rural utility, AssetWorks offers solutions that help utilities improve their bottom line and ensure regulatory compliance.  Our proven Integrated Workplace Management Systems address a broad spectrum of business needs and enable public and private utilities to better manage their facilities, real estate and assets.  Coupled with our industry expertise and skilled teams of consultants, solutions from AssetWorks can help utilities run more efficiently, save money, and pass those savings on to their customers.

Insurance Appraisal and Inventory & Valuation Services

AssetWorks is North America's premier provider of insurance appraisal services, capital asset inventory services, and state-of-the-art asset management software solutions. Today, we support the unique valuation and reporting requirements of utility authorities.

AssetWorks' highly skilled consultants and advanced technology enable us to access, execute, and support our client's valuation requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner. Appraisal reports drafted by AssetWorks are prepared in accordance with the stringent requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and are designed to comply with GAAP, GASB, and GAAFR standards, various OMB circulars, state accounting mandates, and insurance underwriting requirements.

Property Risk Management Software

We believe that establishing initial values is important but that they key to a successful appraisal program is the ability to manage the data and consistently perpetuate all values on an annual or as needed basis. AMP, a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution from AssetWorks, offers a convenient, effiecient, and secure method of tracking and reporting on property data.

Fixed Asset Management

AssetWorks' software solutions conform to the unique needs of today's property manager. Our applications are built to a "best practices" standard, but on an architecture that can be customized quickly and affordably. You can incorporate your policies, procedures and unique data elements right into the software. Whether you're supplementing an existing system or creating a comprehensive, integrated solution, our modular approach lets you include what you need to get the job done. This means you now work smarter, maximizing your efficiency and quality of data.


FleetFocus Fleet Management Software

Manage maintenance costs and improve fleet operations by providing better data to maximize equipment and asset availability, decrease repair costs, and increase vehicle utilization.

FuelFocus Fuel Management System

FuelFocus processes the issue, receipt, and transfer of all fuel and fluid consumables—including commercially purchased fuel—to easily manage consumable assets across an enterprise.

KeyValet Automated Motor Pool

Complete motor pool solution for both manned and unmanned motor pools. KeyValet manages all aspects of running a motor pool including customer reservations, vehicle check-out and return, billing, and maintenance of vehicles.

Field Service Solution

AssetWorks Field Service Solution is a complete AVL/GPS, field ticketing, driver behavior and mobile workforce management solution that improves the efficiency of fleet-based business.


AiM™ — Integrated Workplace Management System

Reduce costs by promoting better oversight and utilization of facilities and real estate, eliminate management redundancies and proactively manage the workplace, ensure regulatory and fiscal compliance by providing auditable data and complete transparency to enterprise assets, and realize your sustainability and business continuity goals.

Products & Services

Fixed Asset Management Software

Built to a best practices standard, AssetWorks fixed asset management software solutions gracefully scale from single user to enterprise solution allowing users to track and report on assets throughout their lifecycle.

Inventory Management Software

AssetWorks' mobile inventory solutions were developed based on decades of fixed asset data collection and reconciliation experience. Our user-friendly solutions work in conjunction with our asset and surplus management software or can stand on their own to supplement your existing system.

Surplus Asset Management Software

With modules for everything from the surplus transfer to the surplus sale, AssetWorks Surplus Management Software is designed to meet the needs of today's surplus property manager.

Products & Services

Asset Inventory & Valuation Services

By inventorying capital assets and tagging equipment with barcodes or reinventorying and reconciling capital asset records, AssetWorks implements fixed asset systems to maintain proper stewardship of assets.

Insurance Appraisal Services

AssetWorks is uniquely qualified to provide property appraisals that achieve accurate insurance placement and act as a benchmark for proof-of-loss substantiation in the event of a loss.

AMP Property Risk Management Software

By maintaining data about buildings and structures, property-in-the-open, fixed assets, licensed vehicles, and secondary C.O.P.E. characteristics, in a single, comprehensive database, AMP can help bridge the gap between valuation results and valuation management.


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) 

AssetWorks EAM is a comprehensive asset management system that handles all aspects of utility infrastructure, including work order management, inspection recording and life-cycle management.

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