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Keeping track of your field vehicles and workers while meeting regulations can be a real headache. Our Field Service Solutions can help.

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AssetWorks Field Service Solution – An ELD Compliant Device

The Field Service Solution offering from AssetWorks LLC combines in-vehicle Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and in-office software to make legislative compliance effortless. It meets the requirements of the ELD mandate while providing additional functionality such as driver behavior, field ticketing/dispatch, GPS/telematics, vehicle inspection and work alone safety options.

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AssetWorks Field Service Solution provides optional Hours-of-Service (HOS) and Daily Vehicle Inspection (DVI) functionality to make legislative compliance effortless and straightforward. Combining in-vehicle Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and in-office software, the solution handles all North American regulations including DOT and Transport Canada, allows for multiple crew log-ins on the same vehicle and supports pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections.

  • Overcome mobile safety challenges and enforce stringent standards
  • Keep unsafe vehicles off the road
  • Monitor poor driving habits and safety issues through real-time alerts

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Electronically manage field tickets and work orders, update inventory details and track job statuses using mobile devices such as AssetWorks Ranger, as well as phones and tablets running Android OS. Office staff, who can track the current job stage of a field operator, have the ability to send last-minute changes directly to the operator and ticketing information is sent to the office electronically in real-time.

  • Automate manual processes and eliminate administrative overhead
  • Electronically dispatch work order data and job assignments
  • Bill customers the same day work is completed

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Vehicle tracking through GPS/AVL allows office staff to view the current location of all the vehicles in your fleet on a real-time map. Equipment and yellow iron can also be tracked to allow the closest available asset or vehicle to be routed to a job site, minimizing downtime and the need to rent equipment.

  • View your vehicles and equipment on a map in real-time
  • Create virtual boundaries for vehicles based on timeframes or geographic zones
  • Monitor driver behavior and receive real-time alerts
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Allow easy compliance with lone worker legislation and safety policies by automating the check-in process, and ensuring field operators are connected to the office at all times. Workers can easily check in on their mobile devices. In the office, staff can monitor the status of all lone workers and are immediately alerted when a worker misses a check-in or an emergency arises.

  • Ensure that field workers are experiencing safe working conditions at all times
  • Seamless and straightforward compliance with lone worker legislation
  • Implement constant two-way communication between field operators and office

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Driver behavior monitoring technology lets you analyze undesirable driver behaviors such as speeding, swerving, hard braking, and unauthorized use as well as track idling costs to eliminate wasteful driving habits, increase ROI and keep your costs down.

Driver Scorecard reporting allows you to focus on drivers who need more training while also providing a mechanism to reward your safest drivers.

  • Generate driver behavior reports including a consolidated driver scorecard report
  • Instantly see driver behavior KPI’s on the dashboard
  • See driver behavior issues on the breadcrumb trail

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