Jul 17

The Current State of Capital Program Management

Large organizations with significant investments in facilities and real estate expend billions of dollars every year on new construction and capital renewal.  No wonder then that capital program management is such a fundamental concern for building owners and facilities operators.  A recent poll administered by AssetWorks sheds some light into the current state of capital program management, and some of the results are quite surprising:

  • Many organizations are leveraging BIM more than one would expect
  • 78% of organizations’ budgets are dedicated to capital programs, leaving less than a quarter of the budget for operations and maintenance
  • 50% of organizations still rely on spreadsheets and homegrown systems to manage capital projects (which is shocking when one recalls that 78% of most budgets are dedicated to capital programs)

The rest of the survey results are included in a new infographic entitled "A Snapshot of Capital Program Management Today,” which offers more insight into the world of building owners and operators.

Jul 17

Asset Management 101

Part 1: The Need for Asset Management

Bridges, roads, parks and even sewage and garbage management are things we all take for granted but greatly affect us when they are not working to the levels we have come to expect. We all rely on infrastructure assets to enjoy our quality of life regardless of whether those assets…

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Jul 10

Going Green and Cutting Costs with Telematics

Fleet organizations are faced with many challenges – perhaps none with a greater long-term impact than the carbon footprint left by your company’s vehicles. To most people, “going green” means adopting certain eco-friendly lifestyle changes in the interest of better preserving the state of the environment. But…

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Jun 24

Establishing an Inventory Plan

Inventory checklistA presenter at a recent conference was talking about her first days as a property manager. With no prior inventory experience, the first thing she turned to for guidance was her new department’s policies and procedures. She laughs about it now, but she was surprised at the time when she was handed a single, five…

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Jun 20

Considering Purchasing a Maintenance Management System?

The decision to invest in a Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can be a bit overwhelming due, in part, to the vast array of functionality available, the complicated nature of…

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