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AiM Operations and Maintenance enables organizations to reduce expenditures for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory, improve asset availability and reduce facilities maintenance costs enterprise-wide. AiM focuses on detailed financial accounting and reporting to provide decision support and improve resource allocation. Automated scheduling and tracking logs a history of corrective maintenance, planned preventive maintenance and asset utilization, enabling you to perform trending analysis.

  • Extend the useful life of assets
  • Minimize equipment downtime
  • Prevent unexpected work stoppages

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AiM Space Management provides accurate data that enables your organization to pinpoint the total cost of owned and leased space enterprise-wide. It also supports metrics configured for your organization that readily compare with other organizations based on established standards. You can accurately measure space and track utilization across your organization.

  • Perform utilization analysis
  • Leverage support for grant tracking and justification
  • Perform indirect cost recovery and F&A reporting
  • Perform space planning and analysis
  • Visualize space data via an integrated AutoCAD web viewer

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AiM Capital Planning and Project Management manages capital projects from the owner’s perspective by helping to increase fiscal controls and improve financial accountability for capital projects. AiM helps to minimize risk and streamlines capital planning and management process to reduce CAPEX and improve rates of return from capital investments. AiM addresses complex financial budgeting, workflow, and contract processes, along with the drawings, RFIs, submittals and correspondence that are integral to project management.

  • Efficiently plan and execute construction projects
  • Leverage BIM and COBie2 data
  • Track and manage sustainability goals

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AiM Real Estate and Property Management helps portfolio managers address the challenges posed by increased management scrutiny, shifting market influences, and increasing costs by delivering a comprehensive business solution that manages every aspect of the property portfolio. AiM enables real estate managers and executives to perform deep-dive portfolio analysis, including financial reporting and oversight of building acquisition, ownership, leasing, upkeep and disposition.

  • Manage and maintain a real estate database
  • Track and manage leased properties
  • Record maintenance and budgeting data

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AiM Energy Management leverages a unique feature set that enables your organization to identify energy inefficiencies and squeeze greater savings from your current energy management program. AiM provides a robust solution that blends energy data and utility management and feature-rich business intelligence in a single, fully-integrated package.

  • Tracks utility, energy, operating and sustainability programs
  • Makes energy cost and consumption data readily available
  • Provides measurement and verification of energy programs

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