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Fixed Asset Management Software Products

Fixed Asset Management Software Products

AssetWorks' Fixed Asset Management Software gracefully scales from single user to enterprise applications, and provides unprecedented access while maintaining total control of centralized data. The result is significant savings in administration and new levels of process efficiency and data integrity. Whether you're supplementing an existing system or creating a comprehensive, integrated solution, our modular approach lets you include what you need to get the job done. This means you now work smarter, maximizing your efficiency and quality of data.

No matter what your fixed asset management software needs may be, AssetWorks will be able to fulfill them. We offer a variety of asset management software products focusing on specific industries such as state government, higher education, school districts and more. Let us help you reach the product that is perfect for you and your organization.

  • Eliminate timely delays with automated transfers and comprehensive electronic audit trails.
  • Seamless integration for maximum efficiency. Reduce the learning curve of changing systems by using your existing terminology for processes and data elements.
  • Manage property from acquisition through disposal without sacrificing the security of your data. AssetWorks’ software regulates users to securely interact with only the necessary elements at different stages of the process.
  • Keep all data and process information in one place. Integrate key data and business processes into one system including the location of the asset, transfer process details, maintenance, calibration and repair tracking, automated approval routing, and more.
  • Personal IT resource. AssetWorks’ hosted software model provides a dedicated IT resource for the property management department.
  • Avoid the need for the large initial capital outlay generally associated with software purchases.
  • Users access the application over the web, eliminating the added internal need for costly hardware and time consuming maintenance.
  • Asset Records – Customizable asset record detail forms
  • Location-Based Security – Flexible location hierarchy
  • Tracking – Owner, assignment, repair, calibration, maintenance and utilization tracking
  • Disposals – Batch disposal with unlimited disposal method options
  • Fund Accounting – Allocate expenses across multiple funds
  • Depreciation – Maintain an unlimited number of depreciation methods
  • History – Complete history tracking and audit trails
  • Reports – Standard asset, GASB, depreciation, ad hoc and user-defined reporting
  • Schedules – NIGP and custom classification schedules
  • Transfers – Automated transfer management with email notification and optional approvals
  • Users – Unlimited number of users
  • Security – Secure server location and administration, secure authentication, data encryption and user log
  • Import/Export – Data import and export capabilities
  • Fields – Supports user-defined fields and business rules

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