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AiM (IWMS) Administrator Course

  • Who should attend?

    The short answer: anyone who has administrative responsibilities or tasks within AiM. Veteran AiM users will gain experience and give the latest AiM features a test drive. New users will learn the proper use of AiM from the ground up, reducing the learning curve and eliminating self-teaching.

  • What will I learn from AiM Academy?

    Our training familiarizes you with the O&M screens and optimal methods for leveraging them. After reviewing transactional screens in each AiM module, you will access a training instance of AiM. We’ll guide you in the creation and manipulation of records in the reviewed screens. Training sessions include a review of AiM screens, key concepts, and features within each transactional module.

  • What are the course prerequisites?

    To optimize the learning experience, students are required to use their own computers with either a copy of an AiM instance installed or by accessing an AssetWorks-hosted AiM training instance.

  • What’s the cost of each course?

    Instructor-led sessions held in San Antonio, Texas are $2,000 per student. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements. Seating in these courses is limited to eight (8) students. Virtual sessions held over Webex are $2,400 per instance. There are no seating limitations in these courses, although instructor interaction is limited.

2016 Training Dates

DateDelivery MethodLocation
January 25, 2016WebexVirtual
February 22, 2016WebexVirtual
March 21, 2016Instructor-ledSan Antonio, TX
April 18, 2016WebexVirtual
May 23, 2016WebexVirtual
June 20, 2016WebexVirtual
July 18, 2016Instructor-ledSan Antonio, TX
August 22, 2016WebexVirtual
September 19, 2016WebexVirtual
October 17, 2016Instructor-ledSan Antonio, TX
November 14, 2016WebexVirtual
December 12, 2016WebexVirtual

AiM Academy offers a rich curriculum that immerses students in the fundamentals of AiM and stresses the importance of using AiM to its full potential.  The knowledge acquired at AiM Academy can be passed on to others in your organization, and this knowledge transfer can positively influence user adoption.  In fact, Deloitte Consulting notes that “…user experience drives adoption, and user adoption is an important first step toward realizing business value from big investments in enterprise systems.”

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